Helper Application: Fahoxx

Nov 14, 2018
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I have played Mineage for over five years
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Finland GMT+3
Anytime when I'm not asleep. Used to play 6-10 hours a day before Mineage shut down.
Why do you believe you should be staff?
Unlike most others, I do care about the server's popularity and community. I'm strongly against ddosing, doxing or any other kind of "illegal" activities that violates the rules. And my experience is superior within this genre because of my own personal experience as a victim.

I'm not biased towards other factions. I'm always striving to make Mineage fair and square for everybody. Everyone should have the same possibility to become the top 1 faction with enough experience and dedication. And therefore, there should never be any shortcuts to the top. Such as through connections with staff (abuse to gain power), lack of interest by a staff (no effort by the staff team) or blackmailing (taking advantage of another person by threatening).

And being able to not fall victim to blackmail is something I believe a staff member has to master. This is something that shows what kind of person you are. If you're ready for the consequences brought to you by your own actions. And this skill is mastered by one's self esteem and ability to take responsibility for one's actions. Because as a staff member you need to be able to take responsibility for your actions and be able to make your own decisions without being consulted by others.

Simply the ability to understand what is right or wrong, being able to put aside the personal connections and make the hard decisions yourself.

I believe that everything that I have mentioned in this category is the ability of a leader. And leadership is something that can be reflected by a staff member. Superior knowledge, ability to help, ability to make independent decisions and most importantly, the ability to not be biased.

And all of this is what I possess. The knowledge and experience to reflect the everyday life, into a game, which needs the same structure of leadership in order to develop, conquer and survive.
Most people know me as pip100.

I believe that my extraodinary commitment to this server speaks for itself. I am, and have always been an active member within this community for over five years. I have been through it's ups and downs. Because of that I can really reflect over Mineage's journey.

My superior knowledge of Mineage's different factions and community truly is unique. My experience reach all the way from within all maps, through all of the different owners, through all different and unique features, but most importantly: through Mineage's evolved playerbase.

I know the key component of how a server becomes successful. And it's all about the players.
And that is the same for any company, the customers indeed runs the company. Without the customers, there is no company. Which makes the communty's input critical.

And that is where the focus has to be aimed at, towards the community. Not towards the most frequent and updated features. And that is where I believe most servers currently fail at. Instead of taking more input from the community, most servers nowdays advertise it's unique features that had no input from the community at all.

So in short term I'd say that my qualification for being a staff member is that I'm mature enough for the job. I have had enough in real life experience to understand the whole process of running a server and from there help to develop it for the better.
Additional Information
Thanks for reading my application. Also feel free to check out my suggestion list!