Staff Application: ExtaticPot

Nov 12, 2018
In Game Name
Previous In Game Names
ExtaticHD, ExtaticPlays, Itz_PvPz, FalloutYT
Will be roughly 3+ hours / I’ve played the server for 4+ years
Current Rank
Was EnderGod
Time Zone
Times may vary, but a rough estimate for my availability is as following:

Monday: 3:15 PM - 12:30 AM

Tuesday: 3:15 PM - 12:30 AM

Wednesday: 3:15 PM - 12:30 AM

Thursday: 3:15 PM - 12:30 AM

Friday: 3:15 PM - 2:45 AM

Saturday: 9:20 AM - Any Time

Sunday: 11:15 AM - 12:30 AM
Why do you believe you should be staff?
Consistent Activity

First of all, the server can gain my consistent activity. My hours are very flexible, and I can make time for the server no matter how complicated my schedule may be. High School has been difficult, but I have maintained decent grades which gives me more time to enjoy things I love. My outside life has its priorities, but my duties to Mineage will always be fulfilled.

Unbiased Nature

Mineage can benefit from my proficiency to overlook anything that may cause me from being unjust or biased. Many staff members value friendship and reputation over their staff team responsibilities. I have never done this in all of my time staffing different servers, and I feel that many unsuccessful staff members don't possess this trait.


My experience with Factions goes way back to earlier days of Minecraft. I used to play Factions back when it was a small gamemode, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I used to spend hours mining and trying to buy my first spawner. Eventually, as the gamemode advanced, so did I. I grew to get a much better player. I have never stopped playing this gamemode, and I'd like to think that I have a solid structure of knowledge surrounding Factions. I also have experience with Mineage as a server. I have been a part of this community for over 4 years and have been with the server through many ups and downs.


Dedication is a hard trait to posses, but it so valuable for a person to have. Whenever something needs to happen, I set my mind to it and never give up. I have a certain drive that most people lack. It can come into play when a certain task is needed to be done, but it is very difficult. As long as I maintain the same drive, I can succeed.

Attention To Detail

My attention to detail is very important if I want to be a successful part of this staff team. Whenever screensharing a player, or reviewing a ban appeal, attention to detail truly enable you to locate a reasonable conclusion without experience a wide range of steps.
- Mineage PvP : Moderator (9 Months)

- Vanity MC : Helper (3 Months)

- ViperHCF : Helper (2 Months)

- Hypixel : Was accepted, but didn’t have the time to make a commitment to become a member of their team.
Additional Information
My name is Matthew. I live in the United States and am in the 11th Grade. My favorite thing outside of Minecraft is baseball. After school from 3-4, I am in the batting cages practicing my heart out. I love to travel for baseball tournaments, but one thing that I have vowed is this: I will never let baseball get in the way of my commitment to Mineage. No matter the circumstance, I will always assure that my duties to the server are completed.
Thanks for reading :)
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