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New Profile Posts

  1. IIceCream
    2018 memes are good
  2. parkster
  3. _zexterr
    Hey guys how’s your day going!
  4. iHells
  5. iEwokYT
    Hello everyone
  6. Cornmuncher123
    Cornmuncher123 JustChuwy
    do u kno de wey?
    1. JustChuwy
      I kno de wey
      Jan 13, 2018
      Cornmuncher123 likes this.
  7. iHells
  8. iHells
    iHells JustChuwy
    It was a pleasure working with you.
    1. JustChuwy
      Indeed it was. If I ever gain motivation to come back I'll enjoy working with you.
      Jan 13, 2018
  9. JustChuwy
    If you were banned by me just appeal. Staff will ask me to send evidence and I will if I have it.
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  10. sjoerd1812
    sjoerd1812 snw
    Yo Snw, the server is pretty death ATM so I hope you can do something about it
    1. snw
      A reset is coming soon to a RaidCentral near you. ;)
      Jan 13, 2018
  11. Brettgamer4ever
    Brettgamer4ever snw
    snw i need your help i was baned i got a unbaned and no one unbaned me look on discord i sent proof of me paying for it $30 usd on paypal
  12. JustChuwy
    Peace ✌️
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  13. Hungry_Wizard
    My new igns is firewolf6
  14. Doc1202
    I'm cool
  15. Brettgamer4ever
    i am a happy trustworthy person
  16. Brettgamer4ever
    Brettgamer4ever JustChuwy
    kdog bought me a unban can u unban me plz
    1. IIceCream
      You need to send proof to him instead of saying someone bought an unban for you.
      Jan 8, 2018
  17. Brettgamer4ever
    Brettgamer4ever DontTarget
    donttarget kdog bout me a unban can u plz unban me
  18. Ender_Flames
    Impair Took a Fat L
  19. Eggzforlife
    Eggzforlife snw
    hey snw.
  20. Brettgamer4ever
    Brettgamer4ever DontTarget
    my ign is Brettgamer4ever